Bitter End – Interview – August 11th, 2010

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Bitter End

Record Label: Deathwish Inc.
Interview Date: August 11th, 2010
Interview Type: Email

How’s it going you could please introduce yourself and state your role in Bitter End?
I’m Jacob and I play guitar

For those completely oblivious please describe the band’s latest offering Guilty as Charged?
Guilty as charged is our second full length LP. It was a long and challenging process that took a little less than a year to fully write. We finished recording it in the late winter with Craig Douglas of origin sound studio in Houston, Texas.

What would you say separates Bitter End from the sea of hardcore bands out there?
The biggest difference I can see is our use of choruses and repetition. I’ve noticed a lot of the more recent bands just throw riff after riff in songs and don’t have any vocal patterns that repeat. Not saying that That approach is bad, but Bitter End definitely strives to write catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks. When writing songs I live by the phrase ‘don’t bore us get to the chorus.’ also in GAC we used a lot of different percussion, clean guitar parts, and many different guitar and vocal layers to give this record more depth while still keeping it heavy and true to hardcore.

Who would you say had the biggest influence on you as a musician?
My musical influences for GAC were Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains and Sob from Merauder. Both of those guitar players while playing different styles of rock both had a dark, heavy, and creative feel in their songs. We wanted GAC to have that feel. When Griff and I would get together to write riffs we always had those two guitarists in mind but would always make the songs our own. We wanted to keep it Bitter End.

What were the highs and lows of this past weekend at Sound and Fury?
The highs are getting to play in front of a lot of people that have traveled from all over to see the bands at the fest. I’m glad sound and fury has lasted it’s fifth year now but for me a low is it not being at a venue called the Alpine. S&F was at this venue the first two years and I have a lot of great memories from our sets there.i was 19 when we played the first sound and fury at the alpine and was real nervous because that was the most people I’ve ever played to at the time. Like most great venues that one doesn’t exist anymore. The Earl Warren venue is great too but i will always remember the Alpine.The riot that happend the third day was probably a low point but we left to drive back to Texas so I didn’t see it.

Anything special planned for the upcoming European Tour?
We are playing more fests this year than we did our previous European tours. We are playing sucks n summer fest and Ieper fest which I am very excited about.

If you could book your own tour with any band past or present who would be on the bill?
Bitter End, White Zombie, Machine Head, Alice in Chains.

How do you feel about the current hardcore scene?
If you could change one thing what would it be? The hardcore scene has its goods and bads like everything else. I would like to see more diverse shows, punk bands hardcore bands and metal bands all on one bill to change it up and bring more people out. One of my favorite recent shows was playing with DRI in San Antonio because we got to play with local punk band Filthy and the Muffdivers and a black metal band from San Antonio called HOD. A real diverse crowd showed up and was just excited to see loud music…and of course DRI.

Favorite food on the road?
This was the question I was most excited to answer. Since I’m writing this in Europe my favorite European road food is the doner kebab. Shout out to pauly edge and Ethan steel nation for appreciating shaved meat with garlic sauce between bread as much as I do.

Thanks for taking time out to answering a few questions before heading off to Europe, feel free to leave a parting shot.
Lovers of hardcore and heavy music: take the time to appreciate all the bands that work so hard to write, record, and play music. This music will always be for you and is why bands travel 12 hours to the next show with no sleep and half starving to play hard riffs and keep this alive.

Interviewed by: James Terry

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