Killing The Dream – December 6th, 2010 – Interview

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Record Label: Deathwish Inc.
Interview Date: December 6th, 2010
Interview Type: Email

Hey, how are you? Feel free to introduce yourself.
Can’t complain! My name is Elijah, i am the vocalist for a band called Killing The Dream.

Lucky Me drops on the 23rd, what should people expect from it?
Honestly, it’s just our new record…I mean, to me, it just kind of makes sense when you listen to our other records. We tried some new stuff, but i don’t think we reached on anything too bad at all. It’s Killing The Dream.

Is there anything different that you guys tried when writing this album compared to the past? What were your influences?
Really, we didn’t go into this record saying ‘we have to make this record sound like this…’ or anything like that. We just started writing and “Lucky Me” is what we came up with. There are some new instruments- our friend played viola on the opening song, and we had an old pal come in and do some vocals, but that’s always sort of been a tradition of ours. DJ has been listening to a lot of torche and high on fire, but i don’t think that really had an effect on the music. haha

Any tours coming up for you guys in the coming months?
Probably not, but you never know!

Bout a month back you guys played with Ruiner for their final show how was that?
Amazing. Not only was it a great show for us, but it’s no exaggeration at all to say that we were honored to be able to play with them. They have always been great friends of ours, and to be able to send them off was something we’d never pass up.

What is the best/worst show you guys have played over the years?
Hmm…well we played a show in olso, norway on our first euro tour a few years ago…I think it was on a monday night of a three day weekend- some national holiday there. Literally, there were three people at the show. Needless to say, it was pretty awkward. But those three kids were awesome, and the city was beautiful. I’ve always really wanted to go back another time and try again. We’ve played way to many amazing shows…i know it’s a cop out, but i really can’t pick just one.

Any advice for any and all up and coming bands?
Get yourself a designated rapper, singer, and ‘screamer.’ Also, find a disc jockey to scratch in beatz whilst petitioning the crowd to ‘pump it up’ and ‘throw their hands in the air’ as if they were carefree. Or, you know, ignore all that, and just keep making music you like and doing what you really want to do. If huge tours and selling lots of records is your goal, go for it. If animal liberation and straight edge dominance is your thing, do that. Just do you!

If you could change one thing about the current music scene what would it be and why?
Clearly, it would be that Jay-Z has yet to take us on tour with him. One day our schedules will work out though.

Thanks for taking time out and answering my questions, hope to see you guys in Cleveland sometime soon. Thank you!
We really appreciate you taking the time to ask us questions. Go check out our new record- ‘Lucky Me’ in stores/online everywhere! :)

Interviewed By: James Terry

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