Oh No Not Stereo – Interview – Feb. 26th, 2009

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Oh No Not Stereo

Record Label: None
Interview Date: February 26th, 2009
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Can we start by having you tell us your names and what you play in the band?
Sky Nielsen (vocals, guitar)
Mykul Lee (drums)

We really enjoyed your latest full length “003.” How was the writing and recording process for it?
We covered a lot of ground on this record. We wrote it in the desert in Arizona last summer and then brought all the songs back to Hollywood where we recorded at several different studios. We were so prepared with all the angles of producing the record ourselves that the recording process went flawlessly. We intentionally made the most versatile, dynamic listener-friendly record we could and it shows when you listen to it. It’s a rock and roll rollercoaster.

On the same subject, what’s with the number scheme? Will there be “005?”
We called our first record 001 in symbolism of hundreds of things to come… Being our third record now we figured why the hell not?! And at this point, even if our future records are titled I’m sure one can expect a numeric nickname.

You guys have a lot of touring members, would you two ever consider keeping them around full time? Or is the best chemistry and songwriting done between the two of you?
Myk and I write all the songs, play all the instruments and produce our own records (with our engineer Max Coane). We have a laundry list of touring members for many reasons :) Everything seems to work best when Myk and I are maintaining the band’s creative matters and business. Although, our guitar player Jussi is like a brother to us and we hope he is here to stay.

How well did Takeover Records treat you? And how does it feel to independently release your music now and have freedom to do what you wish with your music?
We signed a distribution deal with Takeover for our EP (002) in early 2007. The thought of having distro behind the EP (that we owned) was enticing. We came to figure out that the label had no plans to market the record in order to sell units, so we were out of the deal within a matter of months. Our greatest integral strength is our independence. No one makes decisions for us. We never have to bite the bullet. Our team is unstoppable and in most cases capable of more than any record label would offer.

What are some of your influences musically and lyrically?
Both of us have such a wide variety of influences. From 60′s (the Zombies, the Beatles) to progressive metal (Cattle Decapitation, Meshuggah) and pretty much everything in between. You can definitely hear a lot of 90′s influence in our music (Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, Nirvana, Silverchair).

Which band have you most enjoyed touring with? As well as which venue do you most miss play at?
Hit The Lights were a lot of fun. Also the All-American Rejects were super cool. Our friends in The Matches too—fun times. Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London is definitely a venue we can’t wait to play again. And I can’t wait for the day when our band gets to play Red Rocks in Colorado. :)

What is something you can’t live without while on the road? Where do you stop the most on tour to get food?
Beer. For sure. We stop at every Chili’s we can find while in the US. It seemed like no one ate the whole time we were in UK. Although I do remember eating a chimichanga in Scotland once.

Thanks for answering our questions and for your time! Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of
Please please check our record out on iTunes or MySpace. We put our heart and soul into what we do and hope you enjoy!!

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