Society’s Plague – Interview – November 28th, 2010

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Record Label: Stand And Deliver Records
Interview Date: November 28th, 2010
Interview Type: Email

Hey how are you, please introduce yourself?
Hey, I’m good. I am Joe and I play guitar for Society’s Plague.

You guys just released an album a while back entitled The Human, The Canvas how do you feel the overall response to the album has been?
The response has been overwhelming, we have had sales in Japan all the way to Brazil its great. Its nice to hear reviewers say that the album has “Slabs of layered melodic metal with unexpected twists and turns, sophisticated structures and extraordinarily impressive vocals” specially since we worked really hard on the album.

For those who have yet to hear it, what would you describe it as?
I think it’s hard to describe in one word, its not just Metal or Hardcore its really a mix of a lot of things. We’ve been compared to Soilwork and Killswitch several times so I would say we have a base of mostly Metalcore with a lot of progressive sounding elements to it. We try to have something unique in each song with a mix of clean vocals, growls, guitar harmonies, symphonic keyboards, pianos, breakdowns, and a couple of fast moshing riffs. With “The Human, The Canvas” we started to work in more ambient parts to some songs, if you listen to Mourning Sun I think that shows some great ambient parts and how slow we can bring down the temp of our music. But the best way to describe any music is to listen to it and judge for yourself.

What was it working like with Ben at Spider Studios?
We really worked with Tony Gammalo for the most part for “The Human, The Canvas” he was great to work with in the studio. Ben would pop in quite a bit and suggest ideas on different parts for the tracks while we were recording, Ben and Tony are great at tweaking the small parts that end up making a huge difference in the final product. We had a great experience at Spider and cant wait to go back and record our next album in the new studio they just built.

I hear you have some plans to hit the road early next year with Up In Arms, what do you guys have planned for the road?
Yeah we’re getting ready to hit the road on January 14th for the start of “The WinTour” that was nice enough to sponsor. We are also planning a two week tour in mid-March to get to Austin, TX to make our first appearance on stage at SXSW. We have some other much bigger tours “in the works” but I don’t want to start any rumors, just keep an eye out for us after April.

What’s the plan for after the tour, new album? any ideas in the works?
After “The WinTour” we have a week or two off then we are headed to SXSW as I just mentioned. When we get back from SXSW it sounds like we will be shooting a video for the second single off the album, then starting to focusing on a new album. We will have a new merch design coming out in January, it should be available at the shows on “The WinTour”.

What is the best/worst show you guys have played?
We’ve had a ton of great shows specially since the album came out. The best one in my opinion was opening for the Music As A Weapon last year in Columbus, OH. It was one of the biggest shows that we’ve played and after our set we had 100+ people came over to our merch booth wanting to meet us, telling us how great the set was, we sold a ton of merch that night. Also, any hometown shows are always great are fans in KY are crazy at the shows. The worse show we pry had was on our first tour that we booked ourselves it was in a very small town up in some mountains. Only a couple people showed up but we were able to set up our laptop and stream the show online, we ended up having about 100 viewers online so we made the best of it. Now we know why promoting your own shows is so important, specially out of state.

Well thanks for dropping in and answering my questions, can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys.

Interviewed By: James Terry

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