Teenage Bottlerocket – June 20th, 2011 – Interview

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Interview Date: June 20th, 2011
Interview Type: In Person
Interviewed: Dave C.

I recently spoke with Wyoming’s Teenage Bottlerocket during their Canadian tour with NOFX, on the first day of two sold out shows in Montreal.  We talked about their new 7” on Fat Wreck, what it’s like to tour with NOFX, their upcoming album, poutine on pizza and dungeons.

You guys just played the first annual D-Tox Rockfest in Montebello. How was that for you guys?
I wish they had a beer tent for bands, that’s my only complaint. Other than that it was awesome.

Did you get to see any bands you like at the fest?
Yeah, we watched CJ Ramone, The Bouncing Souls, NOFX and The Sainte Catherines.

How do you like playing outdoor fests?
You know, it all depends on the weather, but I like them. I like the small clubs and huge festivals too. You take whatever you can get.

Are you on the way to Montreal right now?
Yeah, we’re 11km away.

So you’re playing two shows back to back with NOFX? Are you playing a different setlist each night?
Yes we are, it should be cool.

Since you recently reissued  Another Way, will you be playing a bunch of songs off that?
So far this tour, we’ve played no songs from that album. Maybe we will tomorrow night.

Nice. I haven’t seen you since 2008, but the few times I did you played “Don’t Mess With Patrick” was always a staple of the set.
Are you going to any of our shows coming up?

Yeah, I’m going to both the Montreal shows.
Nice dude, we’ll play “Patrick” tomorrow night for you.

Awesome. So do you guys feel you’ve come a long way since that first album?
Yeah, that’s why we don’t play much off it anymore. We got tired of three chord songs. But they’re still good once in a while.

I got your new 7” Mutilate Me recently, and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty sweet. I was wondering if you guys bonded with Fat Mike over a love of dominatrixes. Excuse the pun.
Haha. We went to a dungeon with Mike in Hamburg, and we also hung out with some dominatrixes in Las Vegas last year. He said he wanted to take us to one of his favourite dungeons tonight.

Oh shit, sounds like it’s going to be a crazy night.
Hell yeah man, but as far as the song “Mutilate Me” goes, Mike said he only listened to it once and didn’t pay attention to the lyrics.

Haha, that sounds about right. I really like the second song on the 7”, and I was wondering: is “Punk House of Horrors” based on a real place?
It’s based on several places, put together into one fucked up place.

I like how you covered a lesser-known Bad Religion song too. I know the lyrics on that are a lot like a tongue twister. How many takes were needed to get it right?
When we decided what we were going to do, Cody listened to the song and read the lyrics at least 20 times. We got it done in a day but it wasn’t easy. There are some weird words in that song.

Does the 7” reflect what the new album is going to be like?
I think we’re going to include “Punk House of Horrors” and “Mutilate Me” on the new album, so somewhat, yes. The new record is going to offer a lot of different things.

How far along are you guys in the writing process?
I’d say we have 6 or 7 songs written so far.

So are you excited for the poutine in Montreal?I’ve never had the poutine there before, but I had tons of it in Quebec. I had so much that I think I’m going to hold off until we go back to Canada again.

If you’re looking for something light, one of the specialties there is pouzza. It’s poutine on a pizza.
Oh wow, that’s crazy. It’s been a while since I had pizza. I think I’ll pass on the pouzza though.

Which shows are you looking forward to the most on this tour?
We have all been looking forward to Montreal the most on this tour. But Edmonton should be cool. I have a bunch of friends there, and Canada Day in Vancouver should be sweet. We just take it one day at a time.

What’s next for you guys after this tour?
We’re going to go to the UK in August to play at the Reading and Leeds festivals. Then as soon as we get home from that, we’re going to Australia in September.

Interviewed By: Dave C.

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