The Love Below – Interview – November 23rd, 2010

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Record Label: A389 Records
Interview Date: November 23rd, 2010
Interview Type: Email

Hey whats up how are you, feel free to introduce yourself for those who dont know?
My name is Anthony B. Tetrow, I play bass in the band. The other members are Jerry Wayne Woolbright Jr., Greg Howell, Chris Arias, and sometimes Rob Townsend.

So you guys are long off your 7″ Reproductive Rights, what would you say the overall reaction to the record has been?
The 7inch came out last April on A389 Recordings. The reaction has been very positive, though I wouldn’t say it’s resulted in physical sales. The records aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, but we are really proud of the record and think everyone should own it.

What would you describe the record as for those who have yet to check it out?
Well if you can get past our name, then you’ll see it’s obviously a superior amalgamation of fast, slow, heavy, pissed hardcore/metal. Obviously. But seriously, if you dig bands like Haymaker, Terrorizer, Left For Dead, Nasum, Pulling Teeth, then I think you will dig us.

What were the highlights good and bad of your summer tour with Judas?
Being able to play This Is Hardcore fest in Philly was an awesome highlight. Recording 3 songs in Baltimore for an upcoming split was great too. I’ll leave the bad stuff to your imagination.

Are you psyched to get back on the road and play the A389 Bash in January?
Fuck yes. We are incredibly fortunate to have been asked to play. We owe Dom tons of free babysitting as a result.

Anything special planned for that show?
Of course…

Any details you can slip about the 3 songs for the upcoming split and whom it might be with?
Sure, we recorded our tracks while on tour last August at Developing Nations in Baltimore. The songs sound great and hopefully they will be released sooner than later. The other half of the split is still up in the air.

Also any idea when you guys are hitting the studio to record the full length and the theme that that record will entail?
We are hoping to record the LP sometime between now (November) and February 2011. Not sure if there’s really a theme, though I can say the title will be “Every Tongue Shall Caress” and you will dig it more than our last record.

Interviewed By: James Terry

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