The Sainte Catherines – Interview – September 17th, 2010

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Record Label: Anchorless Records
Interview Date: September 17th, 2010
Interview Type: In-Person

I got a chance to talk to Montreal’s The Sainte Catherines at their show in Ottawa where they opened up for Millencolin. We talked about their upcoming record and getting back into touring after being pretty inactive for the last few years.

How did you guys get on the tour with Millencolin?
We were invited by their booking agent. I’m a booking agent, so I talk to her once in a while for business. She offered us this tour and The Anti Flag tour at the same time, and I had to pick, so I went with Millencolin.

Good choice. So I guess you guys haven’t played much for the last few years. What have yo guys been up to?
We’ve played maybe 3 shows a year for the last few years. We did a Mexico tour 3 years ago. This summer we did a couple festivals, but not a lot. We played with Yesterday’s Ring a lot, and most of us became fathers in the last two or three years. Our album was getting kind of old, so we didn’t feel like playing the same songs again. We wrote some new ones, and now here we are again.

I saw you guys as Yesterday’s Ring with Leatherface in February. That was an amazing tour. What was it like touring with Frankie Stubbs?
We toured with Leatherface first in Europe in 2004. For us, it’s one of our favourite bands, so it was amazing. It’s always cool to tour with older bands who they have stories from the 70s and 80s, when I was 3 or 4 years old. They are very great guys. For some reason they always really liked us, so somehow we’re blessed. We’re still puzzled by it.

It must have been awesome getting to see them every night.
Yeah. Not to be pretentious or whatever, but we tend to not watch all the bands we play with now. We’re getting older and our ears aren’t so good, so we tend to spend more time backstage. But for that tour, I was in the front row every night for them.

So you guys signed to a new label, Anchorless?
Yeah, Anchorless is putting it out in the US. In Canada, we’re doing it on Stomp. We have a label in France as well. It’s coming out October 26.

There are some pretty good record on Anchorless, like Brendon Kelly and Jeff Rowe.
Definitely. We did the Johnny Cash tribute compilation, and then Yesterday’s Ring did a split with Tumbledown. We liked the records and we thought the guy was cool. When we played in Boston with Leatherface, we hung out with him. We told him we wanted to do something smaller for the new record, and he said he wanted to do it. And Stomp is just people who have been around for a long time. We’ve released a record on every pretty good label from Montreal. We did Dare To Care, and Indica, and now we’re on Stomp.

I know you toured around a lot with The Lawrence Arms. Do you still talk to them?
Yeah, but it’s been a long time. We talk to them a lot, but I don’t think they play that often now. Brendan has two kids, and Chris is busy with Sundowner. We’re good buddies with them, and if we see them we hang out, but it just hasn’t happened. I’m sure it will happen again with the new record. They’re all good guys, andThe Broadways were a big influence on us when we started.

Where did you record the new record?
We recorded it in Northern Quebec, about 3 hours from Montreal. At least half an hour of which it’s on gravel roads. It’s by the water, and a very relaxed atmosphere. We always recorded in Montreal, so this was a very different experience. We played music, and then went outside and it’s totally quiet. We swam a lot and it was great.

How long did it take to record?
We did 12 days to record, and then a couple of days to mix. It was a great experience. We wanted to make a more positive, less aggressive record, so the place was perfect fir for that.

I guess if you recorded it in the woods then there aren’t any cameos on this one?
Actually, there is. Celine Dion! Joey Cape is on one of the tracks. He did it in California over the internet. Our friend Colin Moore plays harmonica too. There’s also The Castanets. And Lil Jon yells on one track.

Are there any other tours planned?
In October we have 5 or 6 shows. We’re doing the Fest in Gainesville, and the CD Launch in Boston. In November we’re doing 12 shows with Dig It Up. I have 11 booked, but I’m missing Ottawa, so I’m looking for a house show. It’s been a long time since we did a house show, so we would love to do that. In December, we’re doing 3 shows with After The Fall. In February and March we’re doing 10 to 12 days in France with a band called Maladroit.

The DVD is pretty cool. Who’s idea was it to make that?
It was my idea, but everyone got involved. It’s actually my girlfriend who did the movie with a friend of hers. We wanted to do something for show number 500, which happened to be in Montreal. We would always joke that 500 should be in Montreal, and then it worked out, so we decided to record the show. Then we decided to make a bigger thing out of it, so we made the DVD. We did it for us in a way, with lots of old footage. It will be cool to watch in ten years, to remember how much fun this was. Show #666 is coming up, so we will have a black mass for that. I checked the calendar, and it will be in France, so we may get the label to record it. Maybe make it a special edition vinyl limited to 666 copies. We should have tried to play in Romania or something, in Dracula’s castle.

And then nobody comes to the show.
That would be great! We’ll see. We always wanted to do something for 666. 500, 666 and 1000 if it happens. Maybe we’ll all be dead and we can play in hell.

Since you haven’t been playing much lately, there has been a lot of buzz about a Sarcastix reunion.
Haha, that’s so weird. We actually talked about it earlier today here. I found a tape of the Sarcastix, and it’s terrible!

Sadly I never heard them, but I did see you guys when you were so-so around 2000 at Club Saw with Couch Addiction.
That’s the art place. We played there a few times, with Against Me! and Murder By Death. Hey, what do you mean we were so-so!

I remember Against Me!, barely anyone was there. That was a sweet show.
Yeah, it was by far the worst turnout of the tour. There were less than 50 people there.

Against Me! is playing a sit-down venue on Monday, it’s pretty lame.
Damn that sucks. I like the new Against Me!. I saw them in Montreal on Wednesday and it was great. But I wouldn’t go to a sit-down show.

This show was going to be at a bigger venue, but Hatebreed is playing.
Oh so that’s why. We played with Hatebreed in London, Ontario once. It was Hatebreed, Terror, Madball and Cephalic Carnage. All those bands and us.

I’m sure there were lots of Sainte Catherines fans there.
Yeah, we played first and everyone was like, who are these fuckin faggots. It was funny shit.

Interviewed By: Dave C.

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