They Had Faces Then – January 17th, 2011 – Interview

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Record Label: Unsigned
Interview Date: January 17th, 2011
Interview Type: Email

Hey whats up first things first who is They Had Faces Then?

They Had Faces Then is a four piece Indie/Rock band from New Brunswick, NJ consisting of Ken De Poto (Vocals/Guitar), Brian Goglia (Bass) Chris Seitz (Guitar) and Matt Harvey (Drums).

How is the scene in Jersey?

Brian – Very diverse. On any given day there could be 4 or 5 shows within a 10 mile radius ranging from pop-rock to hardcore/thrash bands, which can make it difficult at times to find your own niche. But wev’e found ourselves right at home in the New Brunswick basement scene, which has been more than supportive to us. The energy and DIY attitude makes it so much fun, and there is nothing like playing loud music to a group of drunk sweaty college kids in a small space.

You guy’s just recently self released an Ep entitled 1977, what would you describe the sound on the Ep as for people who haven’t heard it yet?

Ken – The sound can range from frantic and feverish to calm and soothing in the hit of a snare. Whenever people ask what the record sounded like I would always tell them that it’s Indie/Rock with a little more of a groove to it. It’s also not that happy-go-lucky brand of Indie that is becoming more and more popular, its tones and lyrics have a little bit of a darker side to them.

What’s the significance of 1977?

Brian – We were searching for an album title for a while and than it all kind of fell into place with the year 1977. The drawing that is the cover of our cd insert was drawn up by John Tatarelli, an unknown artist from Bergen County New Jersey. I had the privilege of thumbing through his sketchbook and noticed that drawing on the first page, along with several other really impressive drawings. It turns out the book was from 1977, when he was living on his own in Rome, Italy and it was truly an inspiration. It was filled with somewhat ambiguous drawings that incorporated expressive faces into really cool designs and formations. It just fit with the band perfectly. And the year 1977 in general was really cool, and different. Almost a sort of transition to the modern era with Star Wars being introduced to the world and popular music rapidly changing.

You guy’s just recently wrapped up a winter tour, how’d it go anything interesting and out of the ordinary happen? How’s the crowd’s reaction to the new material been?

Ken – The tour was overall a good time. We played a lot of fun shows and the crowd was really digging what we were playing for them. I think the response to the newer songs is better than any of us expected. Of course every tour has it’s down points, such as being yelled at by heavy-headed promoters and having heckler’s scream “shut the fuck up” to us mid-set. Some people are going to hate you no matter what. Either way we had a really good time.

I heard the first 200 copies of 1977 are being hand printed by the band, any sneak peak we could have into the bands DIY handiwork?

Ken – When it came time for packaging we knew that we wanted it to look a little different than everyone else’s. One of our best friends, Kyle Orlando was designing our booklet for us, and he thought of a great idea for packaging. He made a prototype where he die-cut “1977″ in the front of the digipak and had the booklet showing through holes. As soon as we saw it we all realized that it has to be put out that way. We spent hours upon hours cutting out cases and printing booklets, but the final product was totally worth it.

You can see one of the original prototypes here.

If anyone wants some sweet ideas for packaging or any sort of design work, reach out to Kyle.

What artists would you say have the most influence on the band’s sound?

Brian – It’s cool to dissect our music in this way. At the core of our songs you can hear the influence of bands like Brand New, Manchester Orchestra and Bear vs. Shark, bands we all really enjoy but than each individuals own style bleeds through. Some of Chris’s guitar riffs can be reminiscent of Keith Richards guitar playing style but definitely with a fresh take on it. I’ve always listened to a lot of hip-hop, jazz and old blues records and it definitely influences the bass grooves I find myself in while writing new music.

I know the band’s planning to tour 2011 in support of 1977 but what do you think is the next logical step for the band? Any potential labels or you guys still shopping around trying to get out there?

Ken – Playing as many shows as we can get our hands on is one of our main objectives. We’ve never really talked about labels or anything like that just yet. I plan on getting back in the studio within a year to start working on our full length. We’re also going to be putting out a short acoustic EP within the next few months.

Well thanks for the interview and best of luck, hopefully we hear more from you soon.

Thanks for taking time to interview us, and thanks for doing that awesome review. Talk to you soon.

Interviewed By: James Terry

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