Title Fight – April 1st, 2011 – Interview

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Record Label: Side One Dummy Records
Interview Date: April 1st, 2011
Interview Type: In Person
Interviewed: Jamie Rhoden

I caught up with Kingston, PA’s Title Fight on their first Canadian tour with Comeback Kid and The Carrier in Ottawa on April 1st. We talked about their first full length album coming out in May on Side  One Dummy Records, SXSW, working with Walter Shreifels from Gorilla Biscuits, their first headlining tour, and poutine.

How are you liking Canada so far?
It’s cool, this is our first official tour here and the shows have been really good so far. I also really like the bands that we’re touring with so it’s been a lot of fun.

Since this is the first time you’ve been to the capital of Canada, did you get a chance to do a little sight-seeing?
I didn’t actually get to sight-see, but I would like to. I’m really into touristy shit, but unfortunately I just hung out today. I did get to see… what is the name of that food?

Yeah, I saw what that looks like for the first time today. I didn’t eat it, though. My friends did and they’re big fans now.

Did you guys pull any April Fool’s jokes today?
We told our label that our bass player and drummer got into a big fight and we broke up today. That was about as far as we went, we weren’t that creative.

Oh yeah those guys are brothers so that’s believable.
Yeah but the label didn’t buy it, so ultimately it wasn’t that good.

I heard you guys played SXSW a couple weeks ago with Bane and Paint It Black, what was that like?
That was fun, although it was super-hot. I ate at the same restaurant every day and it was delicious. We also played a house show there the next night with Alpha & Omega. That show was awesome too, we played in the living room. It’s always a fun time to see our friend’s bands play.

Let’s talk about the new record. What was it like working with Walter Schreifels? That dude’s a legend.
He’s awesome. He’s a real nice guy, very down to earth, and he knows his shit, obviously. If we had a question about something sill like how to improve the tone he could teach us. He really helped us fine-tune the small details. He also did some guest vocals so that was cool too.

Was it hard writing your first full length album?
I don’t know, sometimes I just get in a slump and I can’t write anything for a while. But other times it comes really quick. I guess altogether it’s the same as writing a seven inch, but in the back of my head I think a little more about the overall vibe of the record.

Were you sad to part ways with your friends at Run For Cover records?
No, Jeff’s a cool dude. We’re still really good friends with everyone there. It’s all good, we still keep in touch. He’s doing great on his own, so good for him.

I just heard the new Daytrader from that label and it’s pretty sweet.
Oh yeah, they played in Scranton a little while ago. I came out to see them and they were sick.

I haven’t heard much of the new album yet, just “27” and “Flood of ‘72”
Download it man, it just leaked!

Haha nice. So I always noticed you guys had a bit of a Small Brown Bike influence, and from what I’ve heard on the new record it really seems to be coming out.
Yeah I like that band, though I didn’t really listen to them as much as other bands. I think it’s pretty similar because my idea of a record for Title Fight is to write a record that sounds like an alternative 90’s punk-emo record that never came out.

I heard that song “Dreamcatcher” on the America’s Hardcore comp. I was wondering how that came about, because you guys are the only pop punk band on there.
Sam from Triple B is a good friend of ours and we really like his label. He hit us up and asked us if we would like to do a song for it. We just recorded a song in a bedroom and we’re psyched to be on it.

Yeah it’s pretty cool to be the last song too.
Hell yeah, it’s flattering.

I noticed on the seven inch that there’s an acoustic version of “Flood of ‘72”, and I also saw that when you preorder the LP you get a flexi disc with an acoustic version of “Shed”. Is playing acoustic something new for you?
Yeah it is. We just wanted to do something different, so we went to my friend’s house in Kingston. We recorded one of the songs in his living room and the other in his bathroom. We played a bunch of different instruments that we don’t usually play, so I think it sounds interesting.

What’s the deal with the VHS coming out?
I just think VHS looks cool, it’s a nice medium. I thought it would be cool and original, but then of course Foo Fighters just came out with a music video on VHS so they sorta messed that up. Whatever, it’s no big deal. The tape is just us messing around in the studio recording.

So you guys are headlining your first tour after this, are you excited for that?
Yeah we are pretty psyched. It’s with Touche Amore, Dead End Path and The Menzingers from home. We’re good friends with all those bands, so it should be fun just hanging out with our friends across the country. I think it’s mostly small venues so it should be a great time.

Touche Amore played here with Bane last summer which I thought was an odd mix, but they really won over the crowd and the kids got into it.
That band is getting really popular, and they deserve it. They’ve definitely got a lot of passion for what they play.

Is there anything else going on with Title Fight that you’d like to talk about?
We’re talking about going to Europe and Australia at the moment. We don’t have anything set in stone yet, but we’re just gonna try to tour as much as possible off the new record once it comes out, and that’s about it.

Awesome, good luck with that, and remember you’re always welcome to come back to Canada.
Yeah I could see that happening too. Thanks man.

Interviewed By: Dave C.

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