Vegas – Interview – November 7th, 2010

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Interview Date: November 7th, 2010
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Hello T how are you doing?
I am unbelievable.

Vegas just recently made a trip to the states for the 7.17 show, could you tell us the experience of the weekend in the states?
California was sunny, dry and the locals for the most part lived up to the stereotype of being tanned, laid back beach goers. Hispanic influence was omnipresent and the impact of the gold rush of the 1850s could still be felt. I felt particularly safe in this part of the United States where the Styrian Oak, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, is in charge.
What can fans expect from the upcoming split with Gehenna on Vedavu Records?
Vedavu Records is an amazing label. Both Jeremy and Kendrick pay meticulous attention to detail to make each of their releases the best it can be. I’ve had a chance to see a prototype of what the actual artwork is going to look like and was thoroughly impressed. Musically the V/G will bring two new tracks that continue where previous releases have left off. Pre-order have gone up this weekend.

Also I have heard a rumor that their will be a very limited vinyl pressing of previous Vegas material out on Hellfish Records could you shed some light on this?
“Never to wake” 12″ will be released on Hellfish Records as a limited edition of merely 300 copies. It will feature new, unreleased and songs that have not been previously been available in vinyl form. The artwork will feature a Germanic Beast Arts-esque collage art nod to California. The record will be a closure of sorts.

What does the future hold for Vegas?
We are currently working on new songs. There’s also talk of playing more shows in the US and on other continents.

You have been a part of collaborations with various members of what are considered to be Holy Terror bands what is like working with these what some would say iconic figures whether it be guest spots or even your time within Roses Never Fade?
Every sin is the result of collaboration.

I have noticed you get around the world a lot, could you share some of your experiences of your extensive travels, as well as any major cultural differences you have noticed?
Mark Twain said that travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, which is true but then again experiencing different cultures firsthand sometimes cements what one had only dared to imagine before. So far I’ve been to 46 countries and have lived on three continents but the most difficult journey is still the 16 inches between my head and my heart.

With some of the more obvious hardcore influences on Vegas such as G.I.S.M. and Integrity as well as a handful of others, are their any underlying influences on the lyrics and music of Vegas whether it be art or literature that people may not see so easily?
Whatever I am reading at the time of writing has at least a subtle influence. Sometimes it’s underlying, sometimes there are obvious references.

What do you wish people take away from listening to Vegas?
Nothing really. If they take something away from the listening experience – great! If not – even better!

What can you tell us about the ever so elusive Jack Abernathy?
At this point I’d rather not delve into talking about Jack. I’ve tried to explain and even justify his antics before but it only backfired. i know for a fact that Dwid and Mike have never been on better terms with him but Jack and I had a falling out when I returned from the Middle East not too long ago. I think it’s for the better to leave it at this. One thing that always astonishes me is the misconceptions people have about him. Most have no idea what he is capable of. He has certainly not mellowed with age.

I have read some of your comments within other interviews about individualism, do you feel that society as a whole has lost its sense of individualism?
Society is nothing but a mental concept and the idea of it promoting individuality is an oxymoron. People are people and most people who consider themselves to be individuals are other people. Their life is a mimicry. All these individuals these days make you yearn for giving up your own self and surrendering to the cowardice of conformity.

Interviewed By: James Terry

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