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Wait, I’ve Scene That Before – Editorial

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Really? I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, why did you go ahead and photoshop together some cheap looking album covers using the same design?” Well, these covers weren’t actually created by me (or anyone with some creativity) and instead were crafted by some experienced record label graphic designers. Really? I mean I enjoy stock image websites just as much as any self-respecting designer, but which website is featuring this repeating design featured above. read more


Mixed Thoughts On Crunkcore – Editorial

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Ever since the overwhelming emergence of bands that fit into the genre “crunkcore,” “screamo-synth,” and the like, I thought everyone should take a second to ponder the reason they are popular enough to stick around. Is it simply because they are the brain child of some marketing wizz, who is content on selling over-hyped and under-qualified music to the masses? Or is that we all secretly wish to be rock stars without the time, energy, talent that it takes to truely show merit in the music industry. It seems  that adoration for groups like these only seeks to reinforce a plausible yet ridiculous future where “Hey, we could do this.” read more

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