A389 Records – 7 Crowns Package – Review

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GehennaLand Of Sodom II 7”Mini Review

Up first Gehenna’s Land of Sodom II, this is one raw thrashing assault. From the start of “Tormentor,” the tone is a real raw black metal, the vocals are spine chilling, guitars and drums intertwine into a chaotic melody. Fueled by misanthropy Gehenna continues onward into “Posessed,” and then “Caveman,” continuing the same blistering sound. The final track “Land of Sodom,” brings some slow sludge riffs to the table with layered sample distorted throughout the entire track. This ep is raw and evil and that’s your sorta thing you really can’t go wrong picking this one up.

Score: 4 (out of 5)


Penetration Panther - Perpetual 80′s 7” - Mini Review

Penetration Panther’s Perpetual 80’s is a drastically different sound, sporting an early 80’s hardcore sound, (go figure) and doing it well. The raw production gives it the feel from that era, so that’s cool. The title track had me interested, but the lyrical arrangement of “Lipstick on Leather,” got me a tad bored I mean after the eigth time hearing “lipstick on leather,” I just got annoyed. The best thing about this release is the classic hardcore riffs are really catchy, and the solo in the midst of everything within “Wasted Mind,” make this worth checking out.

Score: 3.5 (out of 5)


Witch Lord – Atomized In The Black Solarian 12” – Mini Review

Witch Lord’s Atomized in the Black Solarian is a slow but heavy dose of funeral doom. Short attention spans beware this record squirms along like a maggot within a grave. So the pun was shitty. I get it, but the tunes are not the slow droning riffs and almost hidden vocals are bone chilling. Following the other two releases Witch Lord has a very raw production, given the style I find it the most fitting. While my short attention span at times did become a tad frustrated. If you like low-fi tunes and have a thirst for funeral gloom check this out, otherwise you might be left confused.

Score: 3 (out of 5)


Gravehill – Practicioners Of Fell Socery 12” – Mini Review

Gravehill’s Practicioners of Fell Sorcery rounds out the 7 crowns package, and has a very similar sound to Gehenna, I wonder why, hmmmm? The thrash grooves and snarling vocals make this reissue my favorite release within this package. The classic death black metal sound and raw production come together beautifully and Mike Apokalypse vocals are just evil. “Kill All That Lives,” is my favorite track off this release but there are some definite gems within this record. If I had to suggest just one record to pick out of these four, this would be it.

Score: 4.5 (out of 5)

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