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Deathless Master marks I believe the second full length by bay area’s Acephalix . Acephalix combines the energy and attitude of hardcore punk with the grooving sludgy riffs of death metal. Deathless Master out for some time now on Southern Lord brings eight new tracks spanning thirty minutes.

I feel like Acephalix has always blending my love for both styles of music perfectly into bitter and ugly melodies which I headbang furiously to. Deathless Master begins with the blend that I have come to enjoy from the band, and as it moves forward you can feel the drift to a much more death metal vibe. The vocals take on a guttural vicious tone, the death metal riffs just continue as an onslaught from the depths below. My favorite track is “In the Arms of Nothing.” Reason? Couldn’t tell you specifics just love the jam want to circle pit to it if Acephalix ever makes it to Cleveland.

There truly is no reinvention of the wheel, its overall a pretty standard raw aggressive death metal album, and you know what I am completely content with that no gimmicks just pulverizing riffs and guttural screams to create dark melodies to headbang to. [James]

Score: 3.75 (out of 5)

Release Date: April 24th, 2012
Record Label: Southern Lord Records
Genre: Metalcore
RIYL: Bring Me The Horizon, While She Sleeps, For The Fallen Dreams

Track Listing:
1. Bastard Self
2. Deathless Master
3. Tomb Of Our Fathers
4. On Wings…
5. Raw Life
6. Blood Of Desire
7. In Arms Of Nothing
8. The Hunger

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