Art Kenyon – Cocoon EP – Mini Review

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Despite being released back in early 2011, Art Kenyon‘s 6-track, debut EP “Cocoon” has drummed up recent support from the psychedelic rock hipster crowd, seeking to mine underground musical gold from the depths of obscurity. Originally from Vancouver, Art Kenyon (yes that is his actual name) created this solo project to release the creative juices that simply wouldn’t have made their way to paper had their been several heads involved. I will mention that I made two mistakes while listening to this effort. One being the fact that it took me so long before I gave this EP an honest chance, and the second was the fact I slept through my alarm after I had it on replay for most of the night. Using a varied range of psychedelic, hot and cold, effects-drenched spectrum of rock, indie, and pop-punk songs, Art shares tracks like the busy accented guitar work of the smooth, 311-inspired, “The Way They Try” which shares the lyrical gold, “I know I need some help, I’d stand alone if I could stand myself,” as well as the brash electric acoustic sludge from the pining outing “This Girl’s Trouble.” The light-hearted acoustic romp “Tuesday Night” covers all the genre bases, as Art seeks less to follow a linear path and rather to play musical chairs, landing on different styles and attitudes with every song. “Cocoon” has passion and personality in spades, creating powerful works that would normally be reserved for an artists career defining effort, not their debut EP. It just goes to show you there is more than meets the eye when dealing with charismatic solo artists and Art Kenyon definitely has much more to offer. [Staff]

Score: 4 (out of 5)

Release Date: February 2011
Record Label: Independent
Genre: Psychedelic Indie/Rock

Track Listing:
The Way They Try
This Girl’s Trouble
Tuesday Night

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