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Another year, yet another musical abortion from the unapologetic, crunkcore four-piece, Brokencyde. Even after critics (ie. anyone with ears and a computer) panned the band’s first album “I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It!as well as its 2010 sequel “Will Never Die,” BC some how has amassed enough preteen followers to warrant the release of another record, which has been titled, “Guilty Pleasure.” I’ve seen the same bizarre set of circumstances when ever Black Veil Brides some how finds a way to sell more that five records — sometimes the world is just a twisted little bunch of irony.

Once again we have both emcees Se7en (Steven Gallegos) and Mikl (Michael Shea) filling all forty minutes of this full-length with rudimentary lines about drunk sloppy sluts, poppin’ bottles, and varying combinations of the two — all while boring me to tears. Those looking for competent rhymes from this record should give up early as the track “Whoa!” illustrates with the lyrical gold, “I’m on top of her, she’s on top of me. No matter where I go I’ve got the hoes all over me” as well as the heavily LMFAO-similar track “Girls, Girls, Girls” laying down the plainest raps alive, “She be on that Travis shit, but bangin’ like a drum stick.”  Instead of slowly rusting your ear holes closed with this unoriginal party-rock imitating “crunkcore”, investing in the brilliant flow and metaphors on recent albums from Childish Gambino or Drake would be a much better use of your cash.

The “engineers” of this wacky carnival, Phat J (Julian McLellan) who handles the generic keyboards, synthesizers, and programming and Antz (Anthony Trujillo) who works wonders with….well…. a fog machine….. and lights, have both come prepared to supply enough forgettable dance beats and wonderfully absurd cornucopia of sounds from songs like the didgeridoo and sleigh bell-supported beat on the headache-inducing titled track, “U Mad Bro.” The albums featured artists, Paul Wall and Underrated (Potluck), don’t give this record enough buoyancy to keep it from drowning in a muck of its own terribly boring and un-evolving raps and just plain tired dance beats.

Crunkcore has thankfully been passed over faster than its generational cousin, Numetal, and Brokencyde is simply a dying relic from it. If you want inspiring and talented word-smiths, go with rappers like Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Drake, or Jay-Z and if your palette requires a poppy set of dance/trance beats (which we don’t recommend) go with the goofy antics of acts like Breathe Carolina or LMFAO. Of course “Guilty Pleasure” will probably spread like a disease among pre-teens (Blood On The Dance Floor, Millionaires) until Brokencyde out-sells The Beatles, because in a world where people can operate a fog machine and be part of the band, anything is possible, sadly. [Staff]

Score: 1 (out of 5)

Release Date: November 8th, 2011
Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
Genre: Crunkcore
RIYL: Blood On The Dance Floor, Millionaires, Breathe Carolina

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Burnin’ (feat. Tre Nyce)
3. Phenomenon (feat. Paul Wall)
4. Whoa!
5. Magnum
6. Fly Away
7. The Party Don’t Stop
8. Doin’ My Thang (feat. UnderRated of Potluck)
9. Girls, Girls, Girls
10. Ocean View
11. Let’s Dance!
12. U Mad Bro?
13. Still The King!!!

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