BrokeNCYDE – I’m Not A Fan..But The Kids Like It! – Review

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Release Date: June 16th, 2009
Record Label: Break Silence Records
Genre: Crunkcore

Seeing that I was bushed one night and was looking for something to take my anger out on, I thought I should release my anger on something that deserved it for once. Enter Albuquerque, NM’s four-piece “crunkcore” band brokeNCYDE. Now I have weighed the hype for and (overwhelming) against the band and its “music.” After the release of the groups earlier EP “BC13,” a full-length was inevitable. Then spawned brokeNCYDE‘s new record “I’m Not A Fan..But The Kids Like It!” which was met with harsh words from critics and I must confess, there will be some from me too.

While the novelty of crunkcore has lasting possibilities with bands like Breathe Carolina, I Set My Friends On Fire, and Hollywood Undead, for the most part the genre and all of its inhabitants are just plain terrible, both musically and lyrically. I am a proud fan of both rap and hardcore, and even the casual meet ups of both genres, but something horrible has been unleashed with “I’m Not A Fan..But The Kids Like It!” as well as so many other crunkcore albums.

First of all, there is no technical prowess in any of it. Here is a list of all the members of brokeNCYDE and what they do in the band. Se7en (scream vocals, rap vocals), Mikl (clean vocals, autotune vocals) Phat J (synths, backup vocals, backup screams and growls), and Antz (fog machine and lights). Ok, so the auto-tune and vocal-only set up has become the signature of the rap game, but they have an offical member doing “lights and fog machine?” That is almost as worthless as Slipknot‘s 3 or 4 percussionists.

This is all under the assumption that their beats and lyrics may have some merit. They do not. This 17 track record is one long running macho circle jerk with auto-tune and Christal flowing. You wish to fuck bitches, you wish to drink, and you wish to scream. We get it. Some of your one liners may get a chuckle or two from me because you used one clever lyrical twist. That happens (maybe) once or twice the entire album. The rest is incomprehensible nonsense that can only be described as a fairly low point in today’s culture.

If you must dip into the crunkcore ink, choose the lesser of two evils and reach for the more trancy Breathe Carolina, or melodic-tinged I Set My Friends On Fire, please. BrokeNCYDE is under the impression that we are hating on them or are simply jealous, but we are rather merely concerned with how unintelligent our art can become in such a short amount of time. The kids may like it, but kids also like huffing paint, and I am pretty sure breathing in paint would do less damage than listening to brokeNCYDE‘s new record. ~Staff

Score: .5/5

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Freaxx
3. Skeet Skeet
4. Late Night Call (Skit)
5. Booty Call (feat. E-40)
6. Get Crunk!
7. Yellow Bus
8. Get Up (feat. Daddy X)
9. Jealousy
10. Poppin’
11. 40 Oz.
12. Sex Toys
13. Rockstar
14. Schitzo
15. Scene Girls
16. Tipsy
17. I’m Sorry

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