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When Design the Skyline originally released their promo video for “Surrounded by Silence,” the backlash was everywhere. But, now with the release of Nevaeh we can finally get a full spectrum of what the band is attempting to do. Well maybe I spoke to soon because every song is similar structure wise to “Surrounded by Silence.” Ten tracks of genre mashing to the max to come out with something everyone will like, that’s the idea right?

Not so much, Neveah feels like an album when a band tries to infuse all their influences into each song, it might sound good in theory, the final product is a bunch of three minute long clusterfucks of melodies. If Attack Attack!, The Acacia Strain, and (insert even more generic deathcore band here) had a love child, that would leave you with Design the Skyline, it’s not a lack of talent, it’s more a lack of direction and providing something fresher than their parents. If you enjoy bands like Dr. Acula and whatever the latest 4th generation Attack Attack! band is, you might seriously like Design the Skyline. Personally the mix of deathcore growls and breakdowns with electronica breakdowns and the occasional clean melodies just doesn’t add up to anything that can hold my attention.

So despite all the jokes about the band, the signing, and the album art there are a few parts where the band shows some distinct potential like within “Cybernetic Strawflower,” someone needs to just give them a little more direction within the studio before their next release.

Neveah is pretty cut and dry if you enjoy electronica filled deathcore with the clean/scream vocal tradeoffs, there is a good chance you might find something here worthwhile. For anyone else it comes across as an overproduced mess of melodies that lacks any sense of direction. The one thing the band has in their favor is that they are still very young, they are signed to Victory Records, there is always room for improvement. [James Terry]

Score: 2 (out of 5)

Release Date: August 16th, 2011
Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Deathcore

RIYL: Attack Attack!, Dr. Acula, The Acacia Strain

Track Listing:
1. Crystal Swords Kill the Hordes
2. Reality Away
3. Destroyer
4. Cybernetic Strawflower
5. Break Free from Your Life
6. Reverie
7. Witch of the Woods
8. Free for Infinity
9. Under the Blood Driven Moon
10. Nevaeh

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