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Inspired largely by comic books, unorthodox pop-punk, and a large appetite for writing music, lead vocalist Nick Woods has built Direct Hit!, along with his band mates Devon Kay, Robbie Schroeder, and Danny Walkowiak, around the idea that bands don’t need to stay hold up in a recording studio for a month to write a compelling effort. Instead the band has recorded and mastered tracks here and there, eventually amassing several EP’s, and choosing the best tracks to be featured on their “new” full-length “Domesplitter.

The result is a best hits album for established fans of Direct Hit! and a hodge-podge of Andrew W.K.-esque punk for new listeners. Beginning with the subtlest rally cry ever recorded, “Fuck you, get pumped!,” from their opening track “Snickers Or Reeses (Pick Up The Pieces),Direct Hit! lets loose with a collection of chaotic punk, rolling basslines, and Nick’s brash shouts about soured relationships (and possibly delusional paranoia). As we mentioned above, “Domesplitter” features some off-the-beaten-path subject matter, leading to entertaining verses and one liners that not everyone will grasp. Case in point, “Satan Says” has the chorus, “And he gives me super powers, Like the wizards in “Twin Towers.” Big thanks for the vase of flowers – sure. I’ve got 10 minutes, but that’s not for hours. We’re aligning planets too, that’s how you call Cthulu.” Managing to sneak in a Lord of the Rings and H.P. Lovecraft reference, into one chorus — yup, Nick Woods is a nerd.

Of course the quirky lyrics really complement the carefree punk, as you can tell with the aptly titled track “Failed Invasion,” which samples a Home Alone conversation between a young Macaulay Culkin and home invasion goon Joe Pesci, complete with a heavy object dropped on said goon’s head and a satisfying “Direct Hit!” exclamation from the devious youngster. “Domesplitter” doesn’t exactly have the most memorable or differentiating songs, most stay in line with swaying back and forth chords, anthem chants, and racing percussion similar to bands like Red City Radio and Four Year Strong. The effort does have truck loads of energy, as you can tell with the boisterous and lively track “Living Dead” which spouts off enough “We don’t give a fuck”‘s and grim details/metaphors about soulless zombies (“We’ll be gone before they get home in their beds. We’ll take their babies and crack open pretty heads”), making for a song that has more depth and complexity then noticed at first glance. It’s clear that Nick has a talent for broad story-telling, creating different moods and motifs — something almost unheard of in traditional pop punk.

So while Direct Hit! fans will already have the 100+ song EP’s the band released previously (the fan favorites of which ended up on this full-length), “Domesplitter” is still a must grab. It shares no qualms with being anything more than the standard high-energy pop punk effort, but it offers a richer underlying story and authentic raw sound that most of their peers have abandoned for clear, studio-driven punk. It’s a carefree album that’s more than meets the eye. [Staff]

Score: 3.75 (out of 5)

Release Date: August 2nd, 2011
Record Label: Kind Of Like Records
Genre: Pop Punk

RIYL: Red City Radio, Four Year Strong, Hold Tight!

Track Listing:
1. Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces)
2. Satan Says
3. Monster In The Closet
4. Kingdom Come
5. Boredom Addict
6. Failed Invasion
7. We Are Alone
8. Living Dead
9. In Orbit
10. They Came For Me

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