Eddie Brock / Lapse – Split 7” – Mini Review

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Eddie Brock and Lapse two fast hardcore punk bands, I am sure there’s a dozen stupid subgenre categorizations you want to put them into, but let’s just move on. Recently released a split 7” on To Live A Lie Records, Eddie Brock brings two new tracks and Lapse three, all in under eight minutes.

First up Eddie Brocks two tracks mid tempo hardcore with Weekend Nachos(esque) vocals that “IM ANGRY FUCK YOU,” type barking. “Absol,” is definitely my favorite of their two tracks slow to nice fast thrash riff. Then Lapse comes in with a very similar sound but you can definitely make the distinction between the two. Both bands have these classic punk sounding riffs but then heavy grinding parts and it’s just great, the breakdown in “Trend,” is just rad. If you like bands like Weekend Nachos or a cleaner Triac you will dig this split. [James Terry]

Score: 4 (out of 5)

Release Date: November 4th, 2011
Record Label: To Live A Lie Records
Genre: Hardcore
RIYL: Weekend Nachos, Triac

Track Listing:
1. Pointer Thumb Pinky
2. Absol

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