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Albany NY four-piece Engloria have been slowly building their fan base with the help of their infectious rock streaming online, as well as having a few plays on local radio. After hitting all the right notes with their 2010 EP, “Sundown,James Stewart and the rest of Engloria sought to recreate their catchy hooks and heart-tugging acoustic ballads with their new release, “Drive EP.

As with most of the worlds releases that encourage me to go for a drive while listening to them (ie. Incubus – “Drive”, Deftones – “Be Quiet And Drive”, etc), I took a spin in my car while giving this EP a spin (pun ultra intended). Luckily it was a sunny day with a little breeze which set off the mood perfectly; quite similar to this release actually which we could see clearly from the EP’s title track opener. What the track lacks in bold originality, it makes up for with pure, sugar-induced, catchiness; channeling popular bands like The Morning Light (sans keyboards) or The Maine (sans selling out). The efforts final two tracks (yes, this is a light EP) “Out Of Love” and “Made For You” make friends with your fondness for acoustic jams and echoed building verses, which make for two memorable outings that run the gambit of contrasting emotions from apathy to nervous optimism. Not to mention the endearing croons and always balanced vocal delivery of James Stewart and Devon Scott.

This EP, while a tad short and lacking a bold presence, definitely makes a case for the “quality over quantity” argument. Engloria has made another solid step into the ears of more listeners with “Drive,” with its undeniable catchiness and alt-rock simplicities. Now if only we could squeeze a full-length out of these guys, I’m sure it would shoot to the top of some billboard list; as long as the more experimental bands of the genre are out on vacation. [Staff]

Score: (3.5 out of 5)

Release Date: November 11th, 2011
Record Label: None
Genre: Alt Rock
RIYL: The Morning Light, The Maine

Track Listing:
1. Drive
2. Out Of Love
3. Made For You

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