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In need of no introduction, these road warriors have added another notch on their guns that are being hung on the walls beside the line of records released by them from the past decade. Here to bring them into the next, through a reckless crusade of initiating the party in every city in the world they roll through is Ex Lives. It lands as the sixth in the catalog and that being said, it has seemed like they’ve been losing the edge that we all knew of them to have from their former past efforts. I’ve come to miss what I was looking for anytime I would throw on a new ETID disc these past years. The rawness and emotional energy that would make me want to punch the walls from the creative breakdowns and southern bluesy riffs. It seems that is far from the case here….. The Everytime I Die that we came to know and love is fucking back and it’s more brutal heavier, and chaotic than ever before.

With this new cd has come a new line-up and a fresh addition to the band. Ryan “Legs” Leger is the Canadian boy that has been taking the spot on the skins for the past 2 years is no stranger to the genre. Having toured with Dead And Devine who have been hailed as Canada’s response to ETID, this is a dream coming true for him. The first time anyone other than Ratboy who has backed the band up since ‘98. Legs steps up to the plate and delivers as you will hear moments of pandemonium throughout while the blast beats ring your ears. This is something that was uncommon in the old days. It seems Everytime I Die are turning a new page by taking what they have crafted in the past and fine tuning it to make something prolific in their portfolio.

From start to finish this isn’t going to be letting up on yeah. Time signature changes covered over of what sounds like Keith’s throat being ripped out and thrown all over it. It’s got relentless riffs after build ups and furies of double kick discharging into the melody of a breakdown to keep the kids dancing which has been known to be the tradition. Predictableness is what has made me lose my interest in the genre where these types of bands can be a dime a dozen. ETID prove that they are far from that through the technicalities that are displayed throughout while you hear Keith recite his poems to you of self-regret and loathing.

All in all they’ve clearly written this album to make the statement that they’re back in the game and with vengeance, one to make the kids run around in a circle with their friends. That’s exactly what it’s going to do when you throw it on, make you move around and lose your mind. The riffs have got a way of grabbing you and it’s never foreseeable what is going to be thrown at you next. You must give respect where it is due and I think this is a long time coming for them. Seems like something they’ve been held back from doing for some time. So, all you haters are going to have a good time coming up with reasons to hate. This is one that’s been stuck on repeat for me and creating some big buzz. Have fun on finding ways to hate on everyone’s favorite band to hate. It’s going to be a lot tougher this time. [Staff]

Score: (out of 5)

Release Date: March 6th, 2012
Record Label: Epitaph Records
Genre: Metalcore
RIYL: The Chariot, He Is Legend, Stray From The Path

Track Listing:
1. Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
2. Holy Book Of Dilemma
3. A Wild, Shameless Plain
4. Typical Miracle
5. I Suck (Blood)
6. Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
7. The Low Road Has No Exits
8. Revival Mode
9. Drag King
10. Touch Yourself
11. Indian Giver

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