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I’ll admit it has been awhile since I have reviewed, blame that on college and a bit on laziness, whelp no one gives a shit about my sob story let’s get into something you might care about Expire’s new record Pendulum Swings, out now on Bridge 9 Records. I passed on the Cold World show as I was broke, and I guess they weren’t selling the record anyways until the next day of the tour, so I guess I didn’t miss out there.

Friends kept telling me hey check it out, so I went ahead and heeded their advice. Wow, I found myself shaking, clenched fist, pacing back and forth in my room. Twelve songs all are under two minutes, a few previous gems showed up again but I won’t complain “Sleep Lost,” was a favorite of mine off the Suffer the Cycle 7”. I swear it feels like with each passing release this band continue to get tighter and tighter. Heavy breakdowns, enough two step parts that have me falling on my face because I can’t dance haha, and just a sick flow from start to finish.

I’ve heard the opponents of this band, that they are just another hardcore band playing same old formulaic approach. While that statement is partially true, the song structures are quite similar the energy and aggressiveness of the album make it quite irresistible to me. I really feel like each song has a specific part or line that just hooks me in and has me listening over and over again. The overall short length is not a draw back at all in fact it just invites you to throw it on repeat again and again.

If you like tough guy hardcore, or standard hardcore this album will probably be on heavy rotation for you if you give it a shot, I actually need to grab this LP so it can stay very close to my record needle all summer. I highly highly recommend that you give this album a chance, just don’t punch your friends in the face when you start jamming out hard. [James Terry]

Score: 4.75 (out of 5)

Release Date: May 22nd, 2012
Record Label: Bridge Nine Records
Genre: Hardcore
RIYL: Dead End Path, Soul Search, Rotting Out

Track Listing:
1. Just Fine
2. Reputation
3. Spit Out
4. Dig Deep
5. Anxiety
6. Abyss
7. Bark
8. Sleep Lost
9. Pills
10. YDN
11. Focus
12. Pendulum Swings

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