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In the sea that is recent pop-punk, avid listeners have either drowned or swallowed some water while hearing the uninspiring shlock that has been it’s recent outings — helmed by its modern pioneers, bands like All Time Low, The Maine, and Paramore. Not very often do we float upon an effort that not only refreshes the genre, but also gives us a brand new summer album to celebrate with. Michigan-born five piece, Fireworks, have returned after the success of their debut album “All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion,” signed to indie label Triple Crown Records, and have prepared their next energetic pop-punk breath of fresh air, “Gospel.”

A main reason I really liked Fireworks when they released “All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion,” was the bands lovely mixture of charged pop-punk and detailed melodies, similar to when New Found Glory first broke into the scene. It also helped that lead singer Brett Jones sounds very similar to NFG’s Jordan Pundik and their first album was produced but NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert. “Gospel” continues the energetic tracks, but injects a much more robust sound, as Brian McTernan at the production helm yields songs that have much more room to move around — and Fireworks makes use of all this extra space, creating catchy songs with layered guitars which resonate clearly.

Like previous releases, Fireworks have loaded this effort to the brim with songs designed to get you moving and bobbing your head — an early example is “X’s On Trees” which not only has addictive, bouncy, pop-punk, but also has lovable corny lyrics such as the gem, “We could spend more scholarship money to live like modern-day draft-dodgers. Coming up has got me down again.” The bands track “Teeth” takes a more patient approach, slowing guitars to a waltzing pace with lively basslines, and sings about the removal of a tooth and falling in love (an unusual combination). Another surprise is the stripped-down acoustic lullaby, “I Am The Challenger” that verges on being a folk song and ditches all superficiality for an extremely personal and beautiful song.

Gospel” is definitely a matured effort (having dropped earlier garage production and linear progression)  – one which is blessed with twelve lively consistent tracks that feel like the second coming of New Found Glory. So if you like your pop-punk weaved together with melodies inside a sprightly package, then Fireworks has what you might expect, plus much, much more. [Staff]

Score: 4 (out of 5)

Release Date: May 24th, 2011
Record Label: Triple Crown Records
Genre: Pop-Punk

RIYL: New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard

Track Listing:
1. Arrows
2. I Was Born In The Dark
3. X’s On Trees
4. We’re Still Pioneers
5. Teeth
6. Oh, Why Can’t We Start Old & Get Younger
7. Summer
8. Life Is Killing Me
9. I Am The Challenger
10. Paintings Of Paul Revere
11. I Locked My Time Capsule
12. The Wild Bunch

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