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Usually the prospect of a severally naked man, wearing a paper-thin pair of full body stockings and lying on a pink rug, surrounded by a forest of bamboo, wouldn’t seem appealing in any context. But when I (finally) sat down to imbibe Forty Winks latest effort, curiously named “Bow Wow,” I choose to abandon silly things such as reason and logic at the door. The Italian four-piece, named for the idea of taking a short nap, has been around for almost 14 years and released a few albums here in the US, most notably their 2005 self-titled record. Now we take a gander at what these guys have in store for us this time around (which hopefully excludes naked-man-on-a-leash labor).

This being my first run in with the group, I thought it would make sense mentioning for the ignorant ones, Forty Winks sings in a swerve-y English and thankfully don’t have me listening to a half Italian/half English lyrical hodge-podge. Structurally, most of the interestingly titled “Bow Wow” takes no time in aligning a soulful, indie-driven, pop-punk train straight into my cavernous ear holes. Everything from the frazzled guitars and janky beat of the album opener”Beneath Her Feet,” to the keys and solid bass-lines of the Aggrolites-esque track “Meet You At The Bar,“  and the quick, mosh-y, traditional punk closer “Ain’t Good Enough,” has a refreshingly energetic and rhythm-oriented sound. Forty Winks almost feels like a ska band that doesn’t use trumpets or trombones, relying instead on expressive organ keys (“I Feel Dead”) and ranging guitar synth, both provided by the talented, Andrea Cristallini.

Bow Wow” continues the flare-filled antics and showmanship of these Italian pop-punk torch bearers. Forty Winks have long since crossed the pond into North American ears, but with this latest effort they have made twelve tracks that not only have undeniably catchy hooks, but also have some lyrical depth and improved musicianship to push them ahead of their peers — despite relying on tried-and-true methods of bands past and not venturing far from their sloshy musical comfort zone.  [Staff]

Score: 3.5 (out of 5)

Release Date: August 23rd, 2011
Record Label: End Sounds Records
Genre: Pop Punk

RIYL: 9MM, Union Square, Pig-Tails

Track Listing:
1. Beneath Her Feet
2. Meet You At The Bar
3. Mannequins
4. Way Out
5. One Last Round
6. I Feel Dead
7. 63, Fortess Road
8. Dirt In The Creek
9. Outta Love
10. Somersault
11. Whatever
12. Ain’t Good Enough

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