Full of Hell/Calm The Fire – Split – Review

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It really is no secret that I am a fan of Full of Hell so when I heard there was a split 7” coming out I got pretty excited. Then they took it one step further and posted a video for Return to the Mines featuring guest vocals from Mike Riley of Pulling Teeth, I got even more stoked. Well when the record went up from preorder I jumped and ordered. Fast forward to about a week ago and the record finally arrived from overseas.

The artwork done by Syzmon Seich is top notch and makes this gatefold 7” quite a beauty. The Full of Hell side is short and sweet, four songs in just under four minutes. My favorite song off their side is definitely Kopf. Overall this seems to pick up right where Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home left off and I could not be happier.

Calm the Fire never heard them before this release so I really didn’t have any sort of expectations. Politically charged hardcore punk from Poland, the songs almost seemed to drag into comparison to the Full of Hell side for obvious reasons, ha. Overall it’s not bad at all, but I prefer the punctual intensity on the Full of Hell side more, honestly only flipped the record like four times. The release is definitely one worth checking out and the presentation is outstanding, so if you are a collector add it to the collection, if not just buy it any ways and use it as a beautiful coaster for your bowl of cereal while you listen to the songs on your computer. [James Terry]

Score: 3.75 (out of 5)

Release Date: October 2012
Record Label: Holy Roar Records
Genre: Hardcore
RIYL:  Code Orange Kids, Low Places, Weekend Nachos

Track Listing:
Full Of Hell
1. Return To The Mines
2. Kopf
3. The Lonely Path Of The Cestoda
4. Molluck

Calm The Fire
5. Paralyzed
6. We’ll Be Fine

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