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Harm’s Way, recently released Isolation, the album marks the bands further dive into the sound they put out on the No Gods No Masters EP. That decision proves to be a smart one as the songs on Isolation are heavy as hell and have a sense of cohesiveness throughout the album.

Between the overall production value and the pounding drums as “Scrambled,” kicks in the feeling is crushing yet pleasant compared to Harm’s Way prior efforts. As you sift through the album probably stomping holes in the floor and punching walls, the songwriting is simply catchy, the riffs just groove and the repetition doesn’t make the songs stale, rather gives a sense of building frustration. Favorite song on the album is definitely the title track.

The only problem with the album and their new style that the songs do sound quite similar in approach, which can turn some people off, but overall if you like heavy hardcore this is a vicious beast of an album. So, with that being said I guess if you have a short attention span you may not get down with the beefy songs that are on this album, but you are missing out.

This is by far Harm’s Way best effort to date, and well worth checking out if you like heavy hardcore or hardstyle. The band will be doing some dates very soon with Foundation, so be on the look-out if the tour rolls through your city and pick up a copy of Isolation from the band. If you are a lazy shit and don’t go to shows or your city is getting skipped over you can pick up the album from Closed Casket Activities webstore. [James Terry]

Score: 4 (out of 5)

Release Date: July 5th, 2011
Record Label: Closed Casket Activities
Genre: Hardcore

RIYL: Foundation, Nay Sayer, Bad Seed

Track Listing:
1. Scramble
2. Timing
3. Isolation
4. Breeding Grounds
5. Becoming
6. New Beginnings
7. Slither
8. Pretender

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