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Homewrecker, some of the best dudes in the Northeast Ohio hardcore scene, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with the band over the past couple years. I have been waiting and waiting for this record and it finally came out and it is nothing short of what I expected. Raw powerful jams that make you want nothing more to burn down everything in sight. Worms and Dirt brings nine (new) tracks to the table you might have heard two of them on The Love Below split they did last year but chances are you didn’t. If you did, forget what you heard because it sounds much better this go around.
The album opens up with Wreck, let me sum it up for you “Mosh or be Moshed.” What I really enjoy is the blend of power violence and metallic hardcore considering the fact that if you know me that basically my two favorite genres. I’ll fucking just steal what Joe said think Left for Dead meets Integrity, but not quite Pulling Teeth haha. Honestly spot on. This album just fucking shreds Bill Korecky at Mars still just delivers heavy as fuck crisp bangers. The two guest spots from Dylan from Full of Hell and Tony from Masakari are a really nice touch. Although on its own Worms and Dirt just fucking rips. Local bias sure, but seriously listen and try not to get into it. The artwork by Syzmon Siech is perfect, although the release cover is the true scene of terror that you have to lay your eyes on.

My favorite track is probably Eyes of Anguish just a crushing groove. The entire album rips and you are fucking up if you don’t atleast check it out, buy it though for real. It will not disappoint, it might just be the highlight of the summer. I have to work and play minimum wage slave so I will be missing the Record Release show tomorrow, but I hope to have Ed get some pics of the show and get them up shortly thereafter. Stop wasting time and just buy it. [James Terry]

Score: 5 (out of 5)

Release Date: June 14th, 2012
Record Label: A389 Records
Genre: Hardcore
RIYL: The Love Below, Hatewaves, Integrity

Track Listing:
1. Wreck
2. Worms and Dirt
3. Baseborn
4. Visions of Terror
5. Chained Hanging Victim
6. Pipe Dreams
7. Eyes of Anguish
8. Charlatan
9. Beaten Freedom

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