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In Dying Arms new album entitled Boundaries attempts to keep a genre that I thought had lost all relevancy, but apparently it was I that has moved on since 8th grade and the beginning of deathcore and thinking “fuck” in bold block writing on the back of a black t-shirt was sort of edgy. Perhaps I am just jaded and grown tired of high low vocals, bass drops, and breakdowns. Oh, you stopped shopping at Hot Topic as well and moved on with your life phew, I was worried I was the only one for a second.

While that bit of introduction may come across as shrewd, well it was I thought this genre was old after the third generation of repitition, and I am almost positive they feel the same way about the god awful racket of powerviolence and grindcore, but personal vendetta’s aside lets really examine what we got here. Again: high low vocals? Check. Death growls and cleans? Check. Breakdowns as well as melodic metal ore parts? Check. Welp the wheel still looks to be intact and no modifications have been made, fuck it lets listen even closer now.

Honestly the metalcore riffs are still prime, I do enjoy the melodic parts quite a bit, the high shrill death vocals are great, the deeper growls are pretty generic. The clean vocals, well let’s just say I just am not into them. I’ve never been one to fight invisible ninjas or crowd kill so the standard generic breakdowns simply leave me drumming them out to myself. At its core it really looks like, sounds like, well holy shit it is, a run of the mill deathcore/metalcore album. At every aspect I found myself going PICK IT UP as they speed up from the melodic part and OPEN UP THIS FUCKING PIT right as the breakdown began. Everything felt so calculated and predictable. This is a classic case of I like my death metal to be death metal and my indie melodic music to be just that the swirl of the two simply does not work for me. Unless you are a fan of the formaliac approach clearly lined out within this review, I’d say give it a quick listen don’t think too hard if something sticks out to you dive deeper, but I doubt it will. [James]

Score: 2 (out of 5)

Release Date: September 25th, 2012
Record Label: Razor & Tie Records
Genre: Deathcore
RIYL: Aegaeon, Eat A Helicopter, Defiler

Track Listing:
1. Second Best
2. Running Out of Time
3. The Core of My Existence
4. Bathed In Salt
5. Horizons
6. Blind to the Truth
7. My Rise and Fall
8. Dominus
9. Goregous
10. 11:11

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