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New Jersey-native, hardcore D.I.Y.’ers, One Win Choice have been molding their own brand of melodic punk/hardcore for the last several years, starting with their debut 2007 album, “Never Suspend Disbelief.” Embattled touring veterans, OWC has taken to booking their own shows, recording their own efforts, and even folding their own inserts (a valuable talent overlooked by some). Many noticed a departure from the band’s former rough skater punk/hardcore with the release of their 2009 EP “Define Redifine” and departure and replacement of two founding members, which is also clearly noticed on the bands newest full-length, “Conveyor,” which was released recently through the independent label Jump Start Records.

After retrieving the bands first album from a stack of album’s I’ve kept for several years now, I set out on comparing how much the band has changed musically and conceptually over the last 5 years — and the advancement has been drastic to say the least. Gone is the amateur-hour punk spunk with scrappy drums and anthem-heavy choruses — in its place lies a more focused and cohesive punk effort, complete with challenging melodic fretmanship and hooking riffs. For fans of No Trigger, A Wilhelm Scream, and Kid Dynamite, One Win Choice has made a remarkable turn around, turning their brash political shouts and rambunctious punk hardcore into intellectual and socially aware melodic punk. Song’s like “Places“ and “Frame Your Favorite Pictures” are the closest to their earlier music, channeling fast paced tracks the likes of recordings from Against Me!. Much of the rest of “Conveyor” is instead a mixture of slow building technical indie punk and tuneful catchy songs.

Matching the bands new musical direction step for step are Dan Kloza‘s inspirationally straight-foward lyrics, which show up strongly in tracks like “Act Your Age,” (“And all we needed: a pen, a page, a guitar, a van, a house, a stage. In my 25 years, I’ve had my fears and shed my tear, but no one can take this away from me now.”) and the rhetoric-challenging, stirring song “Hands Over Hearts” (“Supplant ideas for entertained and idle minds. All torn up inside, and that’s the goal. Devalue human life. Highlight the bottom line.”). At points his throaty singing is the only thing anchoring One Win Choice to their past musical sound, which is perfect because after they have honed and polished everything else, it gives the effort a bit of character. And when I say “character” I really mean a dash of rough-around-the-edges human err that proves we aren’t all just efficient robots.

One Win Choice may have upset their hardcore fan base with this new effort, because they have finally made their bed in melodic punk, but the leaps and bounds they make with “Conveyor” in terms of layered intricate guitars, patient building song development, and overall progression is simply outstanding. Don’t go thinking this is now an indie group or anything, but they have managed to take punk to a more organized and articulate state of mind. And for that, along with its ear-pleasing riffs and fortified words, this effort (if not now, later) will be held as one of the better unknown punk albums this year. [Staff]

Score: 4 (out of 5)

Release Date: March 1st, 2011
Record Label: Jump Start Records
Genre: Melodic Punk

Track Listing:
1. Movements
2. Places
3. Who Threw Out The Itinerary?
4. Act Your Age
5. Paint Me A Better World
6. If Hell Existed
7. Frame Your Favorite Pictures
8. Where My Allegiance Lies
9. Ocean, Luzerne, Monroe
10. A Convincing Argument Against
11. Hands Over Hearts
12. Breathing Normally
13. Release Me

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