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This next record I am reviewing has always meant a lot to me. It was I believe three years ago that I was exchanging words with Nick Fiction at an Entombed show that I wanted the lyrics to Twilight Haunt. After a lengthy conversation, I left it with someone should really press that on vinyl, I mentioned Dom since he just released the self-titled ep. It was left with a maybe one day consensus. Now two years later I finally own the vinyl version of the record that includes a lyrical sheet.

From the start of Manifest in Me this record feels special, the haunting guitar tones with Nick’s echoing screams. This record has been noted as a classic for years. Well respected by those within the scene, yet has also been underrated and overshadowed by other bands within the same realm that need not be mentioned.

The release is highly limited, but the artwork and layout are beautiful. The tones are haunting perfection. If you are unaware of the music you have missed out on a hidden gem but finally unleashed yet again for another chance for it to grace your ears. The vinyl itself is sold out, but who knows if another pressing will happen or not. Dom is offering the digital version for only 5 bucks.

I am happy to own a copy, for those who missed out bid hard on ebay, or pray for a second pressing. Accept Thee Gift of Art. [James Terry]

Score: 5 (out of 5)

Release Date: November 28th, 2011
Record Label: A389 Records
Genre: Hardcore
RIYL: Integrity, Ringworm, Ministry

Track Listing:
1. Silence Effervesce-Manifest in Me
2. Bleed The Soil
3. Nightburned
4. Rage Contained
5. Desperate Calm
6. Trade a Soul
7. Twilight Haunt
8. Heal
9. Grief
10. Soundtrack For The Dreamscape
11. Procession

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