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Project 86‘s Wait for the Siren was released on August 21st. The band honestly has been out of my radar but has some very interesting guest appearances from a wide spectrum of bands. The band has a very radio rock friendly sound that honestly reminds me to something in the vein of a more nu-metal Five Finger Death Punch. Which honestly has never been my cup of tea, but hey maybe you are someone who gets stoked for the Rockstar Uproar tour, you might be interested.

As I try to sit back and listen I can’t not help but be bored, but I can see where this kind of band will get its airplay possibly find its way into commercial use via video game soundtracks and that sort of thing, which is if it sticks with the aforementioned group of folks that would enjoy this. Personally I need either something with a little faster pace and brute aggression that seems to be lacking from Project 86, perhaps that got 86’d when they recorded…dun dun chhh.

If you can get down to the radio rock that hits the radio between the talk shows of your morning and evening commute, come get down to the #3 record on the Itunes rock charts. Project 86 will let you get your rawk on while not really causing any other reaction. \mmm/ [James]

Score: 2 (out of 5)

Release Date: August 21st, 2012
Record Label: Team Black Records
Genre: Rock
RIYL: Staple, Living Sacrifice, Stavesacre

Track Listing:
1. Fall, Goliath, Fall
3. Omerta’s Sons
4. Off the Grid
5. New Transmission
6. The Crossfire Gambit
7. Blood Moon
8. Defector
9. Ghosts of Easter Rising
10. Above the Desert Sea
11. Avalantia
12. Take the Hill
13. Wait for the Siren

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