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Pulling Teeth recently self-released their newest full length entitled Funerary. The vinyl version on A389 Records and the cd version on Firestarter, enough about that, twelve new tracks just under forty-eight minutes, let’s see what this rager has to offer. Out the gate slight drone to set the stage for “From Birth,” and damn does this one come out the gate ripping. The guitar is simply buzzing and the riff is catchy and then the solo comes and melts it all. Everything about Funerary flows as it toys around with different styles of metal and hardcore and quite a few guest vocalists that will be sure to please.

Majority of reviews sit and dissect the album and for the life of me I can’t bring myself to do it with this one. Funerary is so consistently good while also being so diverse style wise it feels one of a kind. It feels climatic as it drifts through highs and lows from d-beat to sludge tones. Simply put, this is how it’s done, everyone else take notes. Not a stale moment, not a wasted moment, everything is just right.

The only sad part is, I probably won’t ever get a chance to see these songs done by the band unless I drive out to Baltimore for one of their very sparingly live shows, or they decide to tour again which is unlikely. But, if they continue to write jams, and produce songs like these I can’t complain and neither should you.

If you didn’t get one of the double LP versions of Funerary, good luck on ebay or Dom is putting out a press of single LP versions coming shortly. Firestarter has filled all their pre-orders of the cd bundle but will have it available in the webstore later this month. If you can’t wait that long Funerary is available on Itunes and all that jazz. Oh, you are not convinced and still skeptical? Take a risk then, buy it anyways and to quote Pulling Teeth, “WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF?” [James Terry]

Score: 5 (out of 5)

Release Date: April 25th, 2011
Record Label: Firestarter Records
Genre: Hardcore Punk

RIYL: Integrity, Lewd Acts, Rise And Fall

Track Listing:
1. A Bitter Harvest
2. From Birth
3. Extinction
4. Brain Drain
5. The New Dark Age
6. Grudgeholder
7. Plastic Tombs
8. Funerary
9. At Peace
10. Whispers
11. Waiting
12. August 29

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