Roll The Tanks – Goodnight Jimmy Lee 7” – Mini Review

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The last time we heard from the three LA-born members of Roll The Tanks, was when they released their 2008 full-length “Suffer City.” Since that under-the-radar release, they have lined up a new 7” titled “Goodnight Jimmy Lee” which continues the band’s established influences of The Clash and Against Me!. Don’t blink though, this fast paced effort which is topped off with a whole two songs, are filled to the brim with busy instrumentation. In the never-slowing title track “Goodnight Jimmy Lee,” thumping basslines, reminiscent vocals that mirror The Clash‘s John Strummer, and a set of jumpy riffs, give the 7” an energetic lead which highly contrasts its other half. “Pistolero” is a easy-going 4-bar acoustic track that speaks in gun-related metaphors and shoots out lyrical gold such as “Guess who got his nuts back? Hope you like the soundtrack.” Even though the songs addictive tendencies can’t be ignored, it does borrow from past artists and offers little new strokes. However this active duo of tracks gives us exactly what we’ve been missing from Roll The Tanks since they last released an effort, the band’s love of the old school and music that isn’t vapid and instead seeks to build a hearty foundation in your musical palette. [Admin]

Score: 3.5 (out of 5)

Track Listing:
1. Goodnight Jimmy Lee
2. Pistolero


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