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Spawn of Possession, damn it’s been awhile 5 years since their last release. Incurso marks the first release via Relapse Records. Don’t let the intro track fool you they haven’t gone still wave the tech death flag high with the likes of Obscura and Necrophagist, and go figure the band is made up of members of the two fore mentioned bands. Incurso features nine new tech death symphonies for you to slam into large drunken dudes.

As we look into Incurso we find a bit of unpredictability with where the band is going with chaotic time signatures, break neck speeds, and razor sharp solos. The layoff between albums proves to be well worth the wait. On a side note can someone please tell me what happened to the new Necrophagist album that seems to have been rumored to be coming for two years now? I guess the Swedes like to take their time perfect every little detail.

Overall the album has a nice tech death vibe without becoming too convoluted. I really like tracks Where Angels Go Demons Follow and Bodiless Sleeper as a good one two punch. But I feel as if some fat needs to be trimmed 6 minute songs take their toll after a few tracks in. I mean The Evangelist clocking in at 9:46 could easily be cut down without destroying the song one bit. Perhaps I am a fool for not understanding that tech death has an inherit need to be longwinded as hell, but I just don’t see where the value is, I am over it after like 4 and a half minutes, I understand spacing solos but I don’t feel much goes on between point A and B except riffs galore.

If you are into tech death I feel like this album really won’t disappoint. As for the casual fan I suggest simply checking out Where Angels Go Demons Follow and you will pretty much know if this album is for you. As for me it’s a meh feeling left with me. [James Terry]

Score: 3 (out of 5)

Release Date: March 13th, 2012
Record Label: Relapse Records
Genre: Death Metal
RIYL: Obscura, Necrophagist

Track Listing:
1. Abodement
2. Where Angels Go Demons Follow
3. Bodiless Sleeper
4. The Evangelist
5. Servitude of Souls
6. Deus Avertat
7. Spiritual Deception
8. No Light Spared
9. Apparition

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