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So I’ve been stoked on The Love Below for a long time. It has been well documented, I had this release for a few weeks been jamming it hard I just bought the new record and flexi from A389records.com like two minutes ago so I figured I’d stop sitting on this and just write it up. 13 snotty punk hardcore tracks twenty more minutes of new* (some songs off the split with Homewrecker/ as well as the tour tape if you are scum and knew about that.)

Shitty situations that are easily relatable in my eyes, the lyrics really draw me in on Every Tongue Shall Caress. There is a nice sludgy layer beneath their sharp snotty sound. The cover art by Eric Marshall should be a hint to the filth that finds its way into each track. Buyer’s Remorse is the song released by the label on youtube, soundcloud and such so if you are somewhat new to the band which you most likely are check it out to get an idea. That didn’t ward you off? Well anyways this album has a particular flow that just seems to fit my current mood with plenty of fast numbers that lead into mid tempo and sludgy tracks and repeat, it never becomes to stagnant or predictable.

I don’t really feel like breaking it down track by track because that’s kind of fucking lame. You either understand and appreciate the snotty fuck you attitude or you don’t. Two favorite tracks are God Don’t Make Trash and Swallow the Leader. Buy the record and piss off your parents, neighbors, girlfriend, or yourself. This record will be on heavy rotation for me as I can just relate on too many levels. Little known fact to make you feel better if you feel like I wasted your time, bassist Anthony B. Tetrow will be making a cameo in Birdemic 2. And I shall leave with words from Reproductive Rights Ep, “Fuck you asshole.” [James Terry]

Score: 5 (out of 5)

Release Date: March 30th, 2012
Record Label: A389 Records
Genre: Snotty Punk
RIYL: Left For Dead mixed with early Pulling Teeth

Track Listing:
1. High Friends In Low Places
2. Family Entertainment
3. Nazi Uniform
4. Buyers Remorse
5. God Don’t Make No Trash
6. Uncomfortable
7. Rotten Fruit From A Shitty Tree
8. Holy Dose
9. Social Fuck Disease
10. High Performance Lifestyle
11. Pedophiles Basement (Convalescence)
12. Xanax Pinata
13. Swallow The Leader

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