The Plot In You – First Born – Review

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Originally known as Vessels, this Findlay, OH hardcore five-piece, featuring ex-Before Their Eyes guitarist Landon Tewers, already had one effort in the bag when they renamed themselves to The Plot In You and signed to Rise Records late last year. Being that this is the bands debut album, it seems fitting that they would call it “First Born,” which is reenforced in a humorous way as the albums opening track, “The Fathers Seed,” features an intro with a woman crying over the phone and sharing the terrible news of “I’m pregnant,” before the bands hulkly death/metalcore takes hold and pummels your ear drums.

In the beginning, The Plot In You feels like an apple that doesn’t fall very far from the proverbial genre tree. Sure, they do keep a tidy and crisp production while many of their peers (Scarlett O’Hara, The Gun Show, No One, etc) show reckless abandon while using reverberating (fuzzy) guitars, repetitive (boring) breakdowns, and shrieking vocals — but these guys are also not strangers to frequenting those afflictions mentioned as well as others such as dull brute-force shouts and nauseating effects, such as the eerie digitally altered baby cries of said opening track.

A majority of the record from there on out is a hodge-podge of down-tuned chugging and deep growls with a brief reprieve for a melodic chorus furnished with a healthy dose of clean vocals from Anthony Thoma. The Plot In You manages to mix Slipknot and Underoath with their single “Miscarriage,” which is also one of the better songs on the record. An array of punishing and dexterous percussion, plays along side effects-bending guitars, and uplifting anthem singing.

There are a few tracks that you can chalk up to being filler noise, as their repetitive riffs and sloppy growls start to lose their charm. But as long as you can find songs like “Unwelcome,” which ironically finds a welcome balance of both rough and melodic guitars and voices (also a catchy sampled beat near its end), as well as the swift and moving track “Nothing Leave This Room,” you will find this record at least some what appealing. Those looking for transcending lyrics may have to look elsewhere, because The Plot In You‘s lyrics are as blunt and forceful as their instrumentation. Ala an exert of  ”Rat Poison,” “Fuck you and these little games you play. You’re wasted now, you’ve thrown your life away.”

The Plot In You has shown some promise with their first full-length, while also getting into some of the pitfalls that genre peers. In my opinion, melodic/hard balance = success. Chugfest = failure. As I mentioned before though, “First Born” has well executed, clear production and with a year or two of touring growth together as well as some maturity, TPIY could begin to record some music with impressive progression to match their aggressive sound. [Staff]

Score: 2.5 (out of 5)

Release Date: April 19th, 2011
Record Label: Rise Records
Genre: Metalcore

RIYL: Scarlett O’Hara, The Gun Show, Dr. Acula

Track Listing:
1. The Fathers Seed
2. Small Face
3. Bully
4. Miscarriage
5. Rat Poison
6. Neighbors
7. Filth
8. Unwelcome
9. Nothing Leaves This Room
10. Dear Dad

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