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Weekend Nachos recently released a 7” titled Black Earth which was a real rager out on A389 Records. But, apparently the band doesn’t enjoy too many layovers since their latest album Worthless out now on Relapse Records just a month or so after Black Earth. Worthless is fourteen new tracks in a little over twenty-five minutes. “Hometown Hero,” kicks off Worthless and the power violence that we have come to expect from Weekend Nachos is in full effect.

Sludgy breakdowns, contrast the blast beats quite well. Only problem is that the band does not differ from this approach often only in the title track with two minutes of guitar feedback and on the closer “Future.” So if you are looking for something else don’t expect a lot from Worthless. However, if you dig power violence like me, you will find the shifting of blast beats to sludge filled breakdowns to be more than appeasing. If you like Weekend Nachos before Worthless will be an easy pick up as you mosh around your room to, “Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit,” and other choice cuts off Worthless. If you are new to the genre it’s basically a test of whether you are up to the barrage of blasts and hate the band offers.

As the band continues onward they have done little change to their approach, and kept it straight no bullshit power violence. Heavy, fast, and pissed the fuck off, if you can dig that Worthless is for you, just don’t expect a diverse sampling of styles blended together for your listening enjoyment. [James Terry]

Score: 4 (out of 5)

Release Date: May 17th, 2011
Record Label: Relapse Records
Genre: Powerviolence

RIYL: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Harm’s Way, Coke Bust

Track Listing:
1. Hometown Hero
2. Obituary
3. Black Earth
4. For Life
5. Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit
6. Frostbitten
7. The Meeting
8. Worthless
9. Friendship
10. Jock Powerviolence
11. The Fine Art Of Bullshit
12. Dubviolence
13. You Could Exist Tomorrow
14. Future

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