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Ringworm – Scars – Review

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Finally Ringworm’s follow up to the Venomous Grand Design is here, entitled Scars. Ten tracks thirty-five minutes of thrashy hardcore that Ringworm is known for. Unlike prior releases this one shouldn’t take ten years for it to age and fans to finally appreciate it, Scars is an instant rager.

The album really takes off with “To The Grave,” just damn if you aren’t ready to go apeshit when everything kicks in, there is no hope for you. It’s nice to see “Voluntary Human Extinction,” actually make the album it was one of two new songs the band has been toying with live over past year or so. The riffs on this album are simply face melting; everything is so crisp even with the raw production. Also it doesn’t hurt to be a band with simply a unique sound because overall no band really matches up with Ringworm.

Every song brings this violent vicious hook, with thrash heavy guitars, Zink just destroying behind the kit, and Human Furnace just inciting rage. The title track off the album is devastating, hopefully they play this one live because it is definitely my favorite off the album. If you were kind of up in the air over Venomous Grand Design, Ringworm definitely upped the ante with Scars and it will not disappoint. Perhaps I am just too much of a “fanboy,” but overall the bars been raised for me on what an album should sound like.

Buy this album now, just do it. Go see them on tour with Nails. Also, tell Victory to send me my vinyl faster. Also for those into classic Ringworm Birth is Pain just got a 10th anniversary vinyl pressing so pick that up to. Scars is easily best album of 2011 so far in my book. [James Terry]

Score: 5 (out of 5)

Release Date: July 19th, 2011
Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Hardcore

RIYL: Integrity, In Harm’s Way, Merauder

Track Listing:
1. Voluntary Human Extinction
2. To The Grave
3. Used Up, Spit Out
4. Scars
5. Unravel
6. Cleansing Of The Fall
7. Burning Bridges
8. Angelfuck
9. Empty
10. Hellbound




Scars Up For Stream

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Ringworm have debuted their new song “Scars” up for stream online here. The song is the title track from the bands new album which is set to release on July 19th through Victory Records.


Ringworm Presents Scars

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Ringworm are set to release their new full-length “Scars” on July 19th through Victory Records. You can pre-order the album online here and check out the album art work after the jump.

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