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Brokencyde – Guilty Pleasure – Review

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Another year, yet another musical abortion from the unapologetic, crunkcore four-piece, Brokencyde. Even after critics (ie. anyone with ears and a computer) panned the band’s first album “I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It!as well as its 2010 sequel “Will Never Die,” BC some how has amassed enough preteen followers to warrant the release of another record, which has been titled, “Guilty Pleasure.” I’ve seen the same bizarre set of circumstances when ever Black Veil Brides some how finds a way to sell more that five records — sometimes the world is just a twisted little bunch of irony. read more


Unwritten Law – Swan – Review

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The question that everyone may be asking is, what stone have the guys in Unwritten Law been hiding under for the last few years? The last honest listening I did of this band was back in 2002 with their hit single “Seein’ Red” which was featured on their well received record, “Elva.” Since then, in a decades time mind you, they have managed to release the tumultuous, slack-jawed effort, “Here’s To The Mourning” and after six long years the band has returned to record (this time with a full-fledged drummer) their new album “Swan,” this time around being backed by the underground label, Suburban Noize Records. read more


(Hed)P.E. – Truth Rising – Review

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Release Date: October 25th, 2010
Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
Genre: Hip Hop/Hard Rock

There are some bands that seem like they have been around forever, but we can’t quite remember why they were relevant. (Hed)P.E. is just such a group, who have gone past their expiration date and continued to release new material. Known for their genre-bending concoctions of hip hop and hard rock, this Californian five-piece has been rolling deep for 16+ years now, and showing no signs of stopping (even if its warranted). Their new album “Truth Rising” takes the outfit’s love for women, weed, and weak conspiricy theories to a new level. read more


Hed On The Rise

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(hed)p.e. has posted their new album “Truth Rising” up for stream online here. The effort is in stores now through Suburban Noize Records.


Authority Zero – Stories Of Survival – Review

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Release Date: June 22nd, 2010
Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
Genre: Punk

When I first heard that Authority Zero was venturing out with another skate punk album, the first in three years and this time on a new label (Suburban Noize Records), I was both excited and sentimental. I mean these guys started making music almost 2 decades ago, and with three latin-infused punk rock albums defining the lines that others continue to walk now under their belt, the bands new album “Stories Of Survival” (while not featuring the groups co-founder Bill Marcks) is certain to still pack a heavy-handed punch when it arrives in stores later this month.

read more


Kottonmouth Kings – Hidden Stash 420 – Mini Review

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Release Date: October 13th, 2009
Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
Genre: Weed Hip-Hop

You had to know this day was coming. I mean you don’t just go smoking about a metric ton of weed and still remember you have recorded more songs than will fit on a standard studio album. The kush aficionados, Kottonmouth Kings, have recently discovered that they had about 40 or so unreleased tracks, b-sides, and remixes hidden beneath a pile of growing roaches. What did they do you ask? What any red-blooded, hemp supporter would. They released a compilation titled “Hidden Stash 420” to share all of its 2CD reefer madness with us. And what is it like? Well with songs that span the entire 15 year career of KK, you get a wide range of their signature hip-hop rock. There are tracks that sound like stoned chill sessions, charged gangsta rap, and even Kid Rock-esque transformations into twangy, acoustic-laden, hip hop. It won’t be hard to find a song that you can have on repeat because this is such a large release. “Hidden Stash 420” also has tons of featured talent. Artists like Tech N9ne, Kingspade, and Big B, round out the bands already filled roster. But the song with Brokencyde can choke on itself and die slowly. Fan of hip-hop? Well then check out the seasoned veteran, Kottonmouth Kings. They are as well known and influential as rap groups like Cypress Hill and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony they just have a strong passion for the chronic (yes more than Cypress Hill, surprising I know). As the line in “Evolution” goes, ”The biggest underground weed band, yes indeed I’m a Kottonmouth King, yea.” Nothing is truer, and this hidden stash is one I’m sure many will be happy for. Of course if you don’t like ranging types of hip-hop then this will appear to be nothing more than a few white guys making a living off of goofy smoke talk. ~Staff
Score: 3/5

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